032823CM0242SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters’ measure to expand on domestic violence laws is on its way to the House.

“Unclear language in current domestic violence laws are undermining victims instead of progressing social justice,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Reexamining current domestic violence laws and improving protections for survivors of gender-based violence will undoubtedly root out loopholes that delay due process for survivors.”

Senate Bill 2260 builds on current domestic violence laws that created procedures to request resentencing for incarcerated survivors of domestic violence. Ambiguity in the language of current statutes has caused inconsistent interpretations and outcomes for survivors.

Peters’ measure seeks to clarify ambiguities and expand covered individuals by simplifying language and expanding relief from judgement to cover victims of gender-based violence in addition to victims of domestic violence.

“Survivors of trafficking and gender-based violence have already dealt with unimaginable trauma,” said Peters. “This measure seeks to uplift survivors with the tools needed to heal from physical, psychological and financial hardship.”

Senate Bill 2260 passed the Senate and will now head to the House for further consideration.


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032323CM0191SPRINGFIELD – To study a potential payment plan program for owner-occupants to repay delinquent property taxes, State Senator Robert Peters passed a measure that would create the Property Tax Payment Plan Task Force.

“Homeownership is a symbol of social mobility in addition to being a source of equity,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “When greedy investors take advantage of homeowners who are behind on property tax payments, they aren’t just damaging the homeowner and their family, but also the generations after them.”

Senate Bill 74 creates an installment payment plan for delinquent property taxes to allow taxpayers to catch up on their back taxes and prevents a tax sale of their homes if they remain in good standing under the program.

“Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time,” said Peters. “This measure is a timely tool to keep homeowners in the homes they worked hard for.”

Senate Bill 74 passed the Senate Friday and will now head to the House for further consideration.

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032223CM0071SPRINGFIELD – With the intention to expand upon domestic violence laws, State Senator Robert Peters passed a measure through committee on Wednesday to protect victims of gender-based violence.

“Current domestic violence laws unfortunately have loopholes that can cause incarcerated survivors to get their resentencing request dismissed,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Expanding upon current domestic violence laws and including protections for victims of gender-based violence helps survivors during their fight for freedom.”

Under current law, relief from judgement following a domestic violence incident is applied when the survivor’s offense was related to having previously having been a victim of domestic violence.

Senate Bill 2260 expands the relief from judgment process for resentencing to include certain offenses committed by a victim of gender-based violence who was unable to present evidence of gender-based violence at trial.

“Supporting survivors of gender-based violence advances true social justice,” said Peters. “Incarcerated survivors should be given a clear path to request resentencing.”

Senate Bill 2260 passed the Senate Special Committee on Criminal Law and Public Safety and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.

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032223CM0127SPRINGFIELD – With the intention of expanding the civil liberties of individuals on probation, a measure to establish additional stipulations for court orders towards individuals on probation sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters passed committee on Wednesday.

“Individuals sentenced to probation should be afforded the same liberties as ordinary citizens, as long as the liberties are unrelated to the circumstances that landed them on probation,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Alleviating restrictions on cannabis drug use under supervision for those on probation is a positive step toward true reform.”

Currently, a court can order a person on probation to refrain from using drugs, including substances such as alcohol and cannabis that are legal in Illinois.

Senate Bill 1886 stipulates a court cannot order that a person on probation, conditional discharge, or supervision refrain from having cannabis or alcohol in his or her body unless the presence of an intoxicating compound is an element of the offense charged or the person is participating in a Problem-Solving Court.

“By definition, probation means a person is released for good behavior under supervision,” said Peters. “A person who has demonstrated good behavior shouldn’t be punished for engaging in legal activities.”

Senate Bill 1886 passed the Senate Executive Committee and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.

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