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SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Peters was eager to be sworn in Wednesday to represent Illinois’ 13th Senate District.

As a former community organizer who overcame immense personal hurdles in his early life, Peters proved to be a fierce legislator in his first few years in the Senate. Peters was one of the top advocates for the monumental criminal justice reform package, known as the SAFE-T Act, which was signed into law in 2021.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters voted to protect abortion rights, which passed the Senate Tuesday.

“Abortion access is crucial for millions of people in Illinois and across the nation, and taking it away would be a grave injustice,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “People who need abortions should not be penalized or restricted, they should be supported.”

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters supported a measure to allow justice-impacted individuals to legally change their names, which passed out of the Senate Tuesday.

“There are a million reasons why someone could have been impacted by the justice system, and sometimes you find their only crime was trying to survive,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Sometimes, people need a new identity for their safety, and for their ability to truly lead a good life. This legislation would be an aid in those scenarios.”

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010523HAO00046SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Senate passed a bill Monday to reduce gun violence statewide, which was proudly supported by State Senator Robert Peters.

“Too many people have died unnecessarily at the hands of someone with a firearm,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “We have seen this time and time again, and the least we can do is regulate the possession of the weapons of choice of mass shooters.”

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