peters efCHICAGO – State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) is among 40 local leaders from across Illinois to be chosen as part of the 2021 Edgar Fellows Program.

“I’m honored to have been selected to participate in this year’s fellowship,” Peters said. “I will never stop striving to be the best legislator that I can for the people I represent, and this opportunity gives me a chance to learn and grow as a leader.”

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CHICAGO – Individuals living with HIV will no longer have to fear prosecution thanks to a new law sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago).

“The criminalization of HIV does not line up with current science,” Peters said. “These laws are outdated, dangerous, and discriminatory, and have no place in modern society. Starting today, individuals who are living with this difficult medical condition will no longer have to worry about experiencing legal consequences for simply living their lives.”

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CHICAGO – A new law sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) would speed up the process of intercounty transfer of child protection cases.

“The kids who are in this system are there because they’ve already experienced trauma through neglect or abuse,” Peters said. “They shouldn’t have to experience more as a result of being caught up in bureaucracy for weeks or months if they need to be transferred.”

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Measures signed include ban on lying to kids during interrogations

crim billsCHICAGO – During a ceremony at a Northwestern University campus in Chicago, four public safety and criminal justice reform measures sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) were signed by Gov. JB Pritzker and became law.

The ceremony was a culmination of several years of hard work from Peters and advocates to reimagine what safety and justice look like in Illinois.

Senate Bill 2122 makes statements provided by a minor inadmissible in court if they were made after a law enforcement official intentionally lied during the interrogation. Deception is defined as “knowingly providing false information about evidence or leniency.”

“It is an unfortunately common practice for police officers to lie to kids in order to coerce them into saying what they want to hear,” Peters said. “These are stressful and frightening situations for many kids, and a lot of the time the statements aren’t truthful, but were still made because the kids thought it would get them out of the situation.”

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