Sen. Robert PetersCHICAGO — State Senator Robert Peters joined advocates and community leaders Tuesday outside the Capitol in support of permanent funding for the Reimagine Public Safety Act.

“Community violence intervention programs play a crucial role in addressing and preventing violence in neighborhoods,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Investing in violence prevention leads to long-term cost savings and safer communities.”


Advocates rally outside the State Capitol in support of permanent state funding for the Reimagine Public Safety Act.

Signed into law in 2021, Peters championed the Reimagine Public Safety Act to address gun violence in Illinois by working with the communities most affected. Since becoming law, legislators have pursued additional measures to expand the act, bringing gun violence prevention training and programs to more areas. These programs often include initiatives such as conflict mediation, youth mentoring, job training, and community outreach.

Under the Reimagine Public Safety Act’s newest proposal, legislators are calling for permanent state funding. A growing number of research and statistics from the University of Chicago and Northwestern University highlight the positive impact violence prevention programs have on communities. From 2018 to 2023, violence prevention program data in Chicago showed a positive correlation in reduced gun violence.


Advocates join together to raise awareness for continued funding for violence prevention programs.

“After enduring years of a system built to fail us, we've constructed a framework targeting the root causes of violence in our most underserved and overlooked communities,” said Peters. “It's high time we pledge continued investments in these communities, and I am proud to lead this charge in the Senate.”

Peters will spend the following weeks advocating for Reimagine Public Safety Act permanent funding alongside colleagues.