HPA 5CHICAGO — Today, State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) released the following statement following the signing of his historic legislation – the Healthcare Protection Act – to reform predatory health insurance practices and protect patients:

“Like so many Illinois residents, I know the anxiety and fear that comes with navigating our health care system – especially right now as my wife and I are looking to have children in the near future and exploring fertility treatment options.

“It is hard enough trying to navigate the day in and day out of life – our health care policies and procedures shouldn’t add to that. Insurance is supposed to ease the burden of accessing health care, not create further obstacles.

“The Healthcare Protection Act makes health care more accessible and transparent for all Illinoisans ¬– no matter your race, class, gender or any other factor. This law puts the power back into the hands of people by doing away with step therapy, banning prior authorization for crisis mental health care, improving network adequacy by addressing "ghost networks," and ending unchecked rate increases for large group insurance companies.

“I am honored to have led this charge in the General Assembly alongside State Representative Anna Moeller with the support of Governor Pritzker and a host of doctors, patients and stakeholders who joined us every step of the way to ensure we eliminate barriers to health care and streamline access to patient care for everyone in our state.”

The Healthcare Protection Act, House Bill 5395, was signed into law on Wednesday.

View remarks from the Healthcare Protection Act Bill Signing: