Law cases stock photoSPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Peters advanced a measure out of the Senate to make record expungement a smoother process for individuals and the court systems.

“Expunging a criminal record in Illinois can have numerous benefits for an individual, including increased job opportunities, access to professional licenses and the restoration of civil rights,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “This will set the stage for a smoother and more efficient process, potentially leading to the removal of damaging criminal records and opening up opportunities for a fresh start.”

Senate Bill 2626 provides that defendants in diversion programs may pre-file an expungement petition 61 days before the anticipated dismissal of their case instead of waiting until after a case is dismissed. This will allow for successful completion of diversion programs, case dismissal and expungements at the same time.

Senate Bill 2626 now heads to the House for further consideration.