State Senator Robert PetersCHICAGO —In an effort to safeguard the rights and well-being of the state’s youngest citizens, State Senator Robert Peters passed legislation out of the Senate Labor Committee on Wednesday.

“This initiative is about taking care of issues we have seen associated with child labor,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “It lays out updated guidelines that look out for our kids – their rights, their schooling, and their futures.”

Senate Bill 3646 provides more protection for children in the workforce by addressing various aspects of child labor, including working conditions, age requirements and sectors prone to exploitation.

Peters’ bill extends protections to minors who are not enrolled in traditional public or private schools with standard school hours to define when a student is permitted to work. Further, regulations add to the list of prohibited jobs for minors and jobs requiring adult supervision, and imposes increased penalties for violations.

Senate Bill 3646 heads to the full Senate for further consideration.