MontessoriSPRINGFIELD — State Senator Robert Peters is aiming to make it easier for teachers pursuing careers in Montessori education in Illinois with new legislation.

“Montessori teaching is a valuable educational model,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “By addressing challenges that prospective Montessori educators face, this legislation makes their careers more accessible and creates a more supportive environment for those interested in teaching in Montessori schools.”

To teach at public schools in Illinois, a teacher must hold a Professional Educator License or educator license with an endorsement in the area they are teaching. Montessori schools require their teachers to hold a Montessori certificate in addition to a Professional Educator License, which can add an extra one to two years of training.

Peters’ legislation would establish a Montessori education endorsement for Professional Educator Licenses through the Illinois State Board of Education. This endorsement would help reduce barriers for teachers pursuing Montessori certificates by building an accelerated pathway for these professionals.

“Students in Montessori schools expect to receive a unique form of instruction from their educators,” said Peters. “By fast-tracking certification, we remove financial and time barriers for educators, building a pipeline for more teachers from underserved communities to pursue careers at Montessori schools.”

Senate Bill 2689 passed the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday and now heads to the Senate for further consideration.