State Senator Robert Peters

SPRINGFIELD — To streamline expungement proceedings, State Senator Robert Peters advanced a measure out of the Senate Special Committee on Criminal Law and Public Safety on Wednesday making record expungement a smoother process for youth involved with the juvenile court systems.

“Our aim is to empower youth with the means to move beyond their mistakes and reintegrate into society successfully,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Senate Bill 3463 not only promotes efficiency but also ensures that our legal system is just and considerate of the unique challenges faced by young individuals.”

Senate Bill 3463 requires juvenile court record expungements to be scheduled at the same time as initial court decisions to avoid multiple court appearances. Often youth involved in the criminal justice system lack long-term legal representation, are unfamiliar with legal proceeding options and miss notifications of future expungement proceedings. Peters’ measure supports the idea of making changes in how court systems handle young people involved with the law by helping them get back on track and be a part of the community again, emphasizing rehabilitation and reintegration.

Senate Bill 3463 now waits to be heard among the full Senate.