020724KP5832 1SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters, a dedicated advocate for the rights of crime victims, is spearheading efforts to provide broader support for individuals who have endured the devastating impacts of crime.

“Broadened definitions within the Crime Victims Compensation Program better acknowledge and address the diverse circumstances crime victims face,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “The challenges and circumstances faced by victims are individualized and complex — these expanded definitions will create a more inclusive and compassionate system for ongoing support of those affected by criminal acts.”

Senate Bill 3713 includes an expansive definition of "victim" and "applicant," ensuring that a wider range of individuals affected by criminal acts are eligible for compensation. Moreover, the legislation introduces additional types of compensatory damages and costs to better reflect the varied ways in which victims may suffer losses, such as personal property and loss of earnings.

Crime can have severe, lasting effects on victims impacted by it. The losses suffered by victims of crime are diverse and can extend beyond the immediate incident, resulting in financial losses, disruptions to daily routines and employment, and other long-term physical and emotional consequences affecting an individual’s quality of life.

“These provisions will foster a more compassionate and supportive framework,” said Peters. “The proposed changes aim to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of the program, ensuring victims receive the assistance they need to rebuild their lives.”

Senate Bill 3713 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and heads to the Senate floor for further consideration.