PetersCHICAGO – State Senator Robert Peters announced a new area on the south side of Chicago is now a State-Designated Cultural District.

“State-Designated Cultural Districts encourage neighborhood development and education while celebrating the unique cultural identities within our communities,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “This new cultural district in south Chicago will bring more ethnically inspired opportunities to our neighborhoods.”

State-Designated Cultural Districts are specific geographic areas that have a distinct shared historical and cultural identity that binds the community together. The purpose of the program is to encourage economic development, support the preservation and development of history and culturally significant structures, traditions and languages, and promote equitable growth.

The new district, South Chicago Cultural District, is led by efforts from SkyART. Now, they will be eligible to apply for $3 million in funding that will be tailored to fit their district’s individual needs and support the goals of their programs to foster economic development and help communities preserve their unique cultural identities.

“SkyART gives youth a welcoming, secure place to explore the arts and advance their artistic and creative abilities,” said Peters. “Investments into this community will help the preservation of art as a universal language, and I look forward to seeing how SkyART will steward these funds to help our communities tell our stories.”

Learn more about SkyART here.