051823CM0471SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may soon be required to collect and publish an annual report on the racial and ethnic makeup of applicants denied licensure, thanks to a measure sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters that passed the Senate on Friday.

“People of color often choose to start their own businesses as a means of upward financial and social mobility,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Insuring they are effectively supported while seeking licensure will prevent the denial of applications and lay the groundwork for these businesses to be successful.”

Under current law, IDFPR doesn't collect this type of data in licensure applications. Peters’ measure would require the Department to request and report information regarding applicants’ ethnicity, race, sex and disability.

“Applying for licensing can be a complicated process,” Peters said. “Transparency of the racial and ethnic makeup of those who took appropriate steps to seek licensure but were denied is needed to ensure there isn’t a pattern of denials. If a pattern of denials concerning the racial and ethnic makeup of applicants is found, I look forward to working with the Department to eliminate the issue.”

House Bill 1612 passed the Senate Friday.