Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking at the Budget for Families Rally in Springfield. I will always support the fight to put food on tables, protect immigrant rights and provide healthcare for all Illinoisans, regardless of their zip code.



0:09 We have corporations who get hundreds of millions of dollars
0:13 in tax credits, and they're not paying their fair share.
0:18 But at the same time, we have people
0:21 telling us that we don't deserve the health care that we need.
0:24 At the same time, we have people telling us that we can't
0:28 we should not be able to afford the baby formula that we need.
0:32 At the same time, we have people telling us that we need to fight with each other
0:37 over scarce resources instead of fighting for what we deserve, which is a fair budget.
0:42 Working families.
0: 43 Every quarter in every zip code, getting what they need.
0:48 I think all of
0:49 us are sick and tired of a status quo that's not working.
0:53 You're an immigrant.
0:54 You're working class. You're black, working class.
0:57 You're struggling to get by.
0:58 You should not have to go on that alone.
1:01 Now we are in this together that we can't be pitted against each other.
1:04 And in fact, the next time they put a warehouse up
1:08 that they make sure they give - I need to stop -
1:11 they need to make sure that we have food on our table, We have a good school, and we have a good life.
1:15 So thank you.